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Showing 1 - 24 of 44 products
Handy Pocket Snips
Wire Cutters
Garden Scissors
Haxnicks Speedhoe RRP:
Speedhoe - PROMOTION BUY x 16
Speedhoe Precision
Leaf Picker
Haxnicks Leaf Picker RRP:
Haxnicks SpeedWeed RRP:
Soft Tie Original Green 5m
Soft Tie Original Woody 5m
Soft Tie Slim Green 8m
Soft Tie Slim Woody 8m
SoftTie Slim Green 16m (50% Extra Free)
Soft Tie Slim Woody 16m (50% Extra Free)
Water Saucers
Haxnicks Water Saucers RRP:
Roll Mix Composter
Haxnicks EasyPath RRP:
Easy Riddle Garden Sieve
Water Waiters 3 Pack

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